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Importance of Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment

Importance of Scalp Treatment

We rave about hair treatments mostly. We seem to have neglected our scalp, or at least not as regularly as we nourish our hair. Scalp is an important aspect of our skin. It is rich in blood vessels,  and contains more hair follicles and more sebaceous glands than any other parts of our body. In this post, we will highlight the importance of having a clean scalp, the benefits and importance of a suitable scalp treatment.

Importance of a clean scalp

We care so much for our skin, that we forget that our scalp is actually an extension of our skin. If we follow our skincare regime religiously, so should our scalp. Here is why a clean scalp needs to be attained at all times:

  • A clean scalp promotes a healthy environment for hair growth
  • A clean scalp prevents further problems from acting up. For example, the built-up residues of styling products if hair is not properly washed, will lead to itch, inflammation, etc.
  • A clean scalp gives you a feel-good factor. No pent-up smell, itch nor dandruff

Dirty Scalp

Clean Scalp

Importance of Scalp Treatment

So, we know the importance of having a clean scalp. Let’s take a look at why scalp treatments are important, and should not be forgotten.

  • Scalp treatment normalizes the oil secretion – As we know, our scalp has more sebaceous glands than any other parts of our body. A good scalp treatment will prevent these glands from over-producing oil, leading to oily scalp problems. Likewise, it will also normalize scalp with low oil secretion, which will lead to flaking.
  • Scalp treatment removes dead skin built-up – This is important so that follicles are not blocked, allowing natural oils to keep the scalp and hair nourished and healthy. It will encourage hair growth.
  • Scalp treatment leads to good-looking and healthy hair – Imagine if your scalp is not as healthy as it is supposed to be, with all the built-up residue, accumulated dirt from pollution, which can weigh down on your tresses, making them dull and harder to style.
  • Anti-aging – Your scalp ages too. This is when you will notice greying and experience hair loss. A good scalp treatment with massage, can actually slow down the aging process. As the scalp is stimulated, and blood circulation is prompted, the entire scalp will feel revitalized and young.
  • Stops hair thinning – Again as we age, your hair may just become thin. Having regular scalp treatments strengthen the roots, preventing hair from becoming brittle and falling out.

Frequency of Scalp Treatment

How often should you engage in scalp treatment? Rule of thumb is once every 2 weeks, and more often if you are already suffering from scalp problems like dandruff, itch or flaking. For general maintenance, once a month in-salon treatment is good enough. If you think your regular hair washing is sufficient to keep a balanced and healthy scalp, the answer is NO. Your regular shampoo is not effective enough to keep your scalp clean and balanced.

In conclusion, your scalp treatment should be done as regularly as your hair treatment, or even your facial treatment. The vital step towards achieving beautiful and healthy locks. Look out for our upcoming posts as we dive deeper into the organic scalp treatments and a general scalp cleansing and detox treatment Tresses offers.