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Hair and Scalp Treatment

O’way Organic Scalp Treatment – $148.00

4 customized treatments:


  1. For scalp with dry dandruff, flaking and itching
  2. For scalp with greasy dandruff and itching


  1. For skin with more or less defined yellow spots and shiny skin
  2. For yellow spots on skin with oily strands
  3. For oil with clumps of dandruff


  1. For skin with red patches
  2. For skin with red patches with lesions and abrasions
  3. For widespread redness
  4. For dermatitis seborrheica: dryness and/or redness and bleeding

Hair Loss

  1. For simple hair loss
  2. For hair loss caused by cutaneous trophism
  3. For hair loss with presence of dermatitis and/or sensitisation
  4. For hair loss caused by excess sebum
  5. For hair loss caused by dandruff
PLARMIA SCALP cleansing treatment by milbon – $108.00

Turn back time and age proof your scalp. The scalp ages faster than your body and face. Lack of care causes scalp to loose elasticity, moisture and leads to aging hair or hair loss.

This 5-step anti-aging scalp treatment uses nutrient-rich botanical ingredients such as:

  1. Soybean – good source of protein, Vitamin B, fatty acids, helps to retain moisture
  2. Seaweed – contains essential fatty acids and omega-3 & 6, rich in antioxidants, helps to detoxify hair
  3. Royal Jelly – high mineral and protein content, enhances and promotes healthy hair growth
  4. Kaolin Clay – reduces skin irritation, absorbs toxins, excess dirt and oil, nourishes scalp & promotes hair growth

In addition, Persimmon Tannin found in the micro-carbonated shampoo removes and washes up odors easily and also aids in scalp odor suppression issue. This world’s first micro-carbonated shampoo soothes and relaxes the scalp, and promotes blood circulation together with a head massage.

mucota 5-step hair treatment

An exquisite treatment formulated for Asian hair types, it restores hair internally by effectively penetrating through hair layers.

  • Short – $98.00
  • Shoulder length – $128.00
  • Long – $158.00
mucota decor hair treatment

An intensive express in-salon treatment for chemically treated hair. It softens dry, rough hair from heat and alkali, giving it a supple and lustrous finish.

  • Short – $48.00
  • Shoulder length – $78.00
  • Long – $108.00
o’way rebuilding hair treatment¬†

A system that offers 8 benefits: shine, elasticity, hydration, remineralisation, body and structure, cuticle repair, strength and energy and resistance to breakage.

  • Short – $158.00
  • Shoulder length – $168.00
  • Long – $178.00
morphosis ultimate care treatment- $38.00

A 3-step instant luxurious hair treatment. Formulated for customers that are time-concern.

Step 1: shampoo

Intensive revitalising shampoo that hydrates in depth while delicate on the scalp. Formulated with Total-Care Complex*, lotus flower extract and Color-Save technology.

step 2: maximizer

Instant perfecting serum for hair and revitalizes hair fibres in depth. Also formulated with Total-Care Complex*, lotus flower extract and plant micro-proteins.

step 3: treatment

Treatment for total hair regeneration that recreates the fibre’s natural hyration and hair is transformed instantly.

*Total-Care Complex

3 amino acids, hyaluronic acid, olive oil by-product, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (antioxidant for the scalp, repairs & shines lengths)

Lotus flower water

Takes part in scalp wellness, provides hydration and is soothing and anti-oxidant.

Color-Save technology

Helps prolong color radiance and protects the keratin structure of hair

plant micro-proteins

Penetrates hair fibre in depth, regenerates the shaft

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